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Ski Courses

Ski courses for kindergartens at the Fogarasi Ski school

Our skiing school is open from the beginning of October until the end of March.

You are welcome to come if you like to be outside in the fresh air, if you enjoy a nice family atmosphere and if you would like to learn from our qualified ski instructors in a playful way.

One skiing instructor for every 6 children.
Ski and ski boot rental available
Open (using a plastic ski-slope) from late autumn till spring
Family skiing trips organised to famous europian ski resort
Plastic skirun together with a skilift will make your skiing easier
Skiing races
Transport available upon request
We also teach skiing in English
Private skiing lessons for adults are available

address #1: 1121 Budapest Konkoly Thege Miklós út 21. 
address #2: 1037 Budapest, Farkastorki street 23
For further information, please call Panni +36303826218

Why skiing is a good sport for your child.

For children between the ages of three and four, it is advantageous to choose a sport in which the whole body moves.

Skiing requires symmetrical movements, which invigorate both sides of the brain and thus helps develop your child's neural network.

For children between the ages of three and four, we suggest instruction in small groups in order to facilitate learning.

Exercise is vital for your child's physical development. In turn, regular exercise helps your child develop socially and emotionally and can help boost a young person's self-confidence and give them a greater sense of security.

Skiing is a really good activity for the whole family. Everyone can become involved and enjoy the sport together.

Our teaching philosophy focuses on making learning fun. None of us can imagine the world of a child without play. Play, after all, is how children learn best!